Forgery and embezzlement

KUWAIT: Relations and Security Information Department said in a statement that during a review by the new board of directors of social Guarantee Fund, cases of forgery and embezzlement were discovered. There were also manipulations of payment receipts by an accountant in cooperation with outsiders. Criminal detectives have been informed and arrest has been made. The accountant confessed to committing the crime.

Lecture on drugs
Special Forces department (Riot Control Force), held a lecture on the ‘Early Discovery Of Drugs Use And Its Effect On The Society’, in cooperation with Drugs Control General Department.

Surprise campaigns
Traffic Department recently carried out several surprise campaigns in Kuwait’s six governorates. 34,611 citations were issued. 1022 cars and 42 motorcycles were impounded, while 21 persons were detained for committing grave violations. Four expats were also deported.

Student dormitory in Qurtuba
Student dormitory in Qurtuba

Dormitory fire
Fire ravaged student dormitory in Qurtuba – prompting Suhada and Shuwaikh fire centers to respond. No injuries were reported.

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