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Former health minister defends his decisions

Dr Jamal Al-Harbi

KUWAIT: Former Health Minister Dr Jamal Al-Harbi said that he took successful decisions to serve the country and its citizens. Speaking during an honoring ceremony held by several citizens in Mubarak Al-Abdullah, Harbi said that many issues were dealt with when he was minister, including issues pertaining with the treatment overseas program, besides other important and sensitive issues including fighting corruption. Harbi also thanked all those who participated in his honoring ceremony. The former minister’s popularity has skyrocketed following his decision to impose new fees on health services offered to expatriates in public medical facilities. Many citizens credit Harbi’s instructions for a reported significant drop in the number of patients visiting the overcrowded public hospitals ever since his decision went into effect on October 1st. In other news, State Minister for Housing Affairs and Minister of Services Affairs Dr Jinan Bushehri said that work on housing affairs will be followed up and implemented quickly. She said during a meeting with Mutlaa area residents that popular demands will be met and contracts for new areas have been signed with concerned authorities.

Iraq conference
Kuwait is set to host a conference on rebuilding areas in Iraq liberated from the Islamic State (IS). The conference that was called for by Kuwait will be attended by representatives of countries from around the world, and invitations will be sent with the knowledge of Kuwait and Iraq. An Iraqi delegation visited Kuwait earlier this week to discuss preparations for the conference.

Co-op suspended
The Finance Ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for State Legal and Property Affairs Dr Ghazi Al-Ayyash asked Kuwait Municipality to stop all procedures of Dasma and Bneid Al-Qar Co-operative Society as it failed to contact the ministry to complete some legal procedures. Al-Ayyash said all procedures must be stopped until the ministry issues a letter to the municipality to resume the operations.

By A Saleh

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