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Former Jordan deputy premier joins LOYAC board

KUWAIT: Dr Mawrwan Al-Muasher, the former deputy of prime minister of Jordan, joined the LOYAC Board of Trustees. Mohammed Jasem Al-Saqer, the president of LOYAC Board of Trustees, welcomed the joining of Dr Muasher, considering his joining is an enrichment for LOYAC. He noted that LOYAC Jordan plays important and great roles in the development of young Jordanian cadres. “The current stage calls for concerted Arab efforts to give the youth a ray of hope in a better future,” he said.

The LOYAC Board of Trustees consists of Saqer, Derar Al-Ghanem, Fadwa Al-Hemedhy, Dr Saad Al-Barak, Omran Hayat, Fadya Al-Marzoq and Fareah Al-Saqqaf. The board held its first meeting recently since the COVID-19 pandemic, in the presence of Dr Muasher and Rola Jardaneh, Chairperson of the Board of LOYAC Jordan, via Zoom.

Muasher expressed his happiness to join the board and his aspiration to contribute in providing opportunities to LOYAC which in turn provides opportunities for a large segment of Arab youth, which help develop their skills. “It also prepares them early for the labor market and empowers them in the economic sectors needed by their societies,” he said. “LOYAC is an honorable model, and it pleases me to cooperate with colleagues in Kuwait,” Muasher added. “We will collaborate together to help our countries to overcome the challenges of the current stage.”

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