Freedom is the right of all

By Dr Khalid Al-Saleh

Human rights societies around the world appear to work hard in defense of human rights to safeguard human dignity and social peace, and they are commended for that. Yet many such societies among us forget that the most important human right is the right of expressing opinion freely and right to run life’s affairs with the majoritarian system, which guarantees social peace.

It is not sane to have statements of the same content by human rights societies, as each society and culture has its own requirements and needs. Some societies in Europe – the Old Continent, as a hypothetical example, see homosexuality as a human right and allow for a family in which children are deprived of maternal or paternal affection.

This is taking place in some Western countries with the acceptance of their people, but much of the global population sees otherwise, so is it realistic for human rights society in a conservative society such as ours to adopt this abnormality just because there are other societies that adopted it? We do not want our human rights societies to become just an echo of what is being said abroad.

The first and most important step I hope our human rights societies take is to take the people’s opinion in any issue they adopt, as this is the first right that reflects their commitment to our rights. Thanks to all those who exerted efforts to give us our right and not grant us the rights of others, as we only want our rights that benefit us according to the values of the majority and their ethics.

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