Fugitive attempts suicide

KUWAIT: A bedoon attempted suicide by slashing his throat to escape a two-year jail sentence, but his family rescued him. The young man, who became frustrated with detectives pursuing him, decided to commit suicide using a knife, but his family’s intervention saved him. A security source said the young man said after regaining consciousness that he fought with some identified men, but the investigator did not believe him and asked that he be put under guard.

Drug dealer caught
Police in Mahboula foiled an attempt by three Syrians to sell 85 Captagon pills, and referred the suspects to the Drugs Control General Department (DGCD). Ahmadi patrols noticed three men in car seeming nervous, so their IDs were checked and they were searched. Meanwhile, a citizen in his 20s ended up at the DCGD after being arrested with the spice drug. The arrest was made when police stopped him and found him in an abnormal condition. Patrolmen searched him and found the drug on him. He was found to be an ex-convict over thefts and drugs.

Phone stolen
A citizen in her 30s sought the help of Rumaithiya police to recover her phone quickly, which was stolen by a man she knows. She said she is afraid he may encroach on her privacy by going through her files on the phone. Police called the suspect but he did not answer.

A citizen told Salmiya police that an unidentified person got two telephone lines in her name and two smartphones. She said the company called her and asked to pay the accumulated bills. She added that she does know anything about the suspect. Separately, Interior Ministry authorities are investigating to find out who helped an Egyptian man transfer the car title of a Dominican woman who works for the education ministry, especially since a vehicle transfer requires the buyer and seller to be present. The woman told Zahra police station that she gave an Egyptian to repair her car, but was surprised to find he had transferred the title to himself. – Al-Rai

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