Fugitives escaped from jail arrested – Indecent photo with short clothes asked

KUWAIT: Ahmadi detectives arrested the two fugitives who escaped from Riqqa police station within 24 hours of their escape. The two were located in Meidan Hawally. Their accomplice who helped them escape was also arrested.

Indecent photo
A security source said a citizen in her 40s told Qadsiya police that a driver attempted to abuse her by asking her indecent mobile photo. According to her, she had a flat tire between Daeya and Qadisiya. She said that a car stopped by and the driver asked her to relax because he would change the tire. Later, he asked her to send him a picture on his mobile in “short clothes” and he claimed that the picture would only remain in his phone. He gave her a phone number as well. The woman lodged a complaint accusing the man of encouraging her to commit vice crimes.

An Egyptian expat reported to Khaitan police that a policeman beat him while at work. However, the policeman refused to file counter charges.

Verbal assault
A policeman told Mubarak Al-Kabeer police that a citizen verbally insulted him when he stopped the latter to issue a ticket.

Ahmadi govenorate security Director General Brig Abdullah Saffah ordered an Iranian woman and a citizen be sent to Drugs Control General Department after liquor and illicit drugs were found with them. The two were arrested in Mahboula area.

An Indian expat told Naeem area police that an unknown person entered his house and asked for a cigar lighter. The Indian told him that he did not have one and asked him to leave. The unknown person abruptly picked his mobile phone and tried to run away. When the Indian resisted the attempt, the intruder pulled a knife, stabbed on his left hand and ran away. Investigations are ongoing.

Vehicles impounded
Around 1,000 cars and more than 500 motorcycles were impounded during the celebrations of National days for violating traffic rules and placing illegal stickers on the cars. – Al Anbaa

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