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Fun things to do for Eid holiday in Kuwait

For those who are not travelling for Eid Al-Fitr, here are some activities they can enjoy doing during the holidays:

A chalet is the perfect place to spend the Eid holiday, far from the madding crowd. But bookings have to be done really early. For instance, TEC’s Khairan Resort has been fully booked more than a month prior to Eid. There are other resorts in Khairan and Julaia, but most are also booked.

The Mychalet site still has some chalets available for rent for the Eid period. The price depends on the size – there are one-room apartments as well as 3- or 4-bedroom chalets. It also offers apartments at Muhanna Resort in Khairan, which is more affordable than standalone chalets. The resort has various activities for kids and three swimming pools.
The Seashell Julaia Hotel and Resort (formerly Kempinski) offers chalets and rooms of different sizes, along with various facilities. There will be a DJ, music band, dinner, entertainment program, Russian circus and other activities during Eid.

Sea and outdoor activities
Those who simply like to enjoy the beach and the sea can spend the day at any of the sea clubs, including Shaab, Ras Al-Ardh, Messila, Egaila and others. Those who like action can rent a jet ski by the seaside, or go on a sea trip by renting a boat and visiting any of Kuwait’s nine islands, snorkeling or scuba diving.

Visiting Failaka Island is a popular activity during the Eid holidays, as visitors can stay there for a day or more. The island has a hotel, zoo, museum, beaches and historical monuments. Visitors can reach the island either by the KPTC ferry from Ras Al-Ardh or by the yacht sailing from Marina.

Water parks are also a perfect escape from the heat. Aqua Park near Kuwait Towers is open from morning to welcome visitors with new additions for even more fun. Messilah Water Village also hosts special programs during Eid. Finally, Flow House Kuwait, the country’s newest water park in Abu Halifa near Magic Mall, offers water surfing and many other fun activities. Visitors can rent a chalet inside Flow House during the daytime.

Youngsters can enjoy playing soap football by renting soap fields by the seaside. Another option is playing paintball near Aqua Park, where people can participate in groups.

Ice skating and theme parks
Beating the hot weather by going ice skating is fun. Besides the ice skating rink of TEC in Kuwait City, there are other smaller skating rinks too. The Promenade Mall in Hawally has an ice skating rink inside the mall. Shaab park also has an ice skating rink. The Entertainment City is still closed for renovations, but Shaab Park and Marah Land are open.

Malls, shopping and movies
Most of the local shopping districts including the malls and souks will have activities during the first two days of Eid. Al Kout mall in Fahaheel, for instance, will have a lifesized Kuwaiti board game, Enhash Yal Theeb set up and players can compete for a chance for prices. Al Kout will also have a ‘travel the world’ selfie station set up with cutouts of world famous landmarks and games and activities for kids during all three days of the Eid holiday.

Strolling through Souq Al Mubarakiya during the evening time and enjoying tea and shisha at one of the local restaurants can be an fun activity. Lots of summer movies are now playing at the cinemas – both for adults and children.
Many malls including Promenade, Discovery, Abd Al Wahab (Galleria 2000) and the Avenues have dedicated areas for children’s activities that will be having Eid games and events. You can visit Artspace café (in Galleria 2000 mall in Salem al Mubarak street, Salmiya) and learn to draw or paint. While there also check out the fun new cat café.

Eat, eat, eat
All the restaurants, cafes and diners will return to normal hours starting from Eid so be sure to go out and enjoy a yummy breakfast, brunch or lunch at one of your favorite food hot spots.

By Nawara Fattahova


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