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‘Fun with Textiles’ Ramadan bazaar at Sadu House

By Ghadeer Ghloum

KUWAIT: Sadu House held a Ramadan bazaar on April 8,2023 titled ‘Fun with Textiles’. The bazaar included an exhibition for selling participants’ art and handcraft products, free workshops and a photography corner. During the event, Sadu House Chairperson Sheikha Bibi Duaij Al-Jaber Al-Sabah told Kuwait Times the ‘Fun with Textiles’ project was launched 12 years ago.

The purpose of this event is to train children in handcrafts. Free workshops and classes teach children to work with textiles. “This year’s graduation was held during the time of Girgian celebrations. The event exhibited the handcrafts of students learning at Sadu House in the past 12 years. Students at Sadu House are taught the value of giving by giving a certain percent of the money they earn from selling their arts and crafts to children affected by the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria recently.

This day is an open day for children to come and enjoy making handcrafts and celebrate Girgian with everyone,” she said. “After graduating, many of the graduates join ‘Insij’ workshops, which transferred their Sadu talents, in addition to other creative design projects. We love to embrace our graduates, as we have grown together in the past 12 years,” Sheikha Bibi added. Sarah Al-Mousawi, supervisor of the ‘Fun with Textiles’ event, said they have trained approximately 1,000 students, both boys and girls, on how to work with textiles in different ways.

In order to keep up with the students after graduating, Sadu House is holding this event to see how far they have progressed. The exhibition includes artworks and handcrafts of previous students of Sadu House, along with other participants who were not students at Sadu House, but wanted to display their personal works. Around 30 percent of the profit realized from selling the products will go to charity organizations. Mousawi added Sadu House holds an annual event to display the final works of their students during the year.

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