Gang arrested after stealing KD 2.2 million

KUWAIT: Detectives busted a large international gang that tampered with cheques of major companies, as criminal detectives in cooperation with Interpol arrested five suspects in two Arab countries, besides eight in Kuwait. The thirteen suspects forged over 60 cheques and stole KD 2.2 million. A security source said the gang was working cautiously and accurately using advanced techniques to avoid detection.

The gang was busted by chance, after a citizen came with a cheque worth KD 98,000, but it was discovered the person who signed it was authorized to sign for a maximum amount of KD 50,000. He said the original amount on the cheque was KD 180 only.

The case came to light when the manager of a company told Director General of Criminal Detectives Maj Gen Mohammad Al-Sharhan about a major forgery, when the bank they deal with told them a citizen wanted to cash a cheque worth KD 98,000, although the person who signed the cheque is authorized to sign for KD 50,000 only, which made the bank ask the citizen to return later because there was not enough cash.

A team from the financial crimes department was formed to investigate how the cheque’s value was changed although approved signatures were on it. They found that all information was correct except for the amount. The cheque holder was placed under surveillance and later arrested. He told police that he frequents gambling halls in an Arab country, where he met a Jordanian who asked him to collect some money as he couldn’t go, adding that the money is part of his indemnity as he was previously working in Kuwait.

The citizen agreed, and when he returned to Kuwait, a man called him and told him the Jordanian asked the cheque be given to the Kuwaiti to cash it. When he went to the bank, he was asked to wait and was told they will call him to get the money, but bank officials called security authorities.
It was discovered that the gang comprises of 13 persons – eight in Kuwait and five in two Arab countries. The detectives told the Kuwaiti to call the Jordanian, who in turn sent an expat to receive the money. He was arrested along with the person who gave him a ride, and both confessed they have been working with the Jordanian for a while, adding that they received over 60 cheques.

Policeman insulted
A traffic policeman issued a ticket to a Gulf national for a traffic violation, but the Gulf national objected and tore up the ticket. When the policeman objected, he said “it is my ticket and I tore it,” then insulted him. The Gulf national and a friend who came to his aid were taken to the police station and charged with insulting an employee on duty.
Boy drowns in Fintas
A 10-year-old Egyptian boy drowned and died in Fintas. The boy was swimming with his father, who noticed the boy had disappeared, only to find him dead. Separately, a citizen swept away at sea was rescued by his friends. He was unconscious, so they called paramedics, who gave him first aid and took him to Adan Hospital.

No fight
A security source denied reports about a fight ending in murder. The source said it was a fight between youth over staring, and that police dealt with it and arrested four men. He said that one of those involved is epileptic and collapsed, so passersby thought he had died.

Court sentence suspended
The misdemeanors court ordered a person jailed for one week for insulting an employee at the civil information authority. But the court suspended the verdict for three years as he gave an undertaking and paid KD 300 for bail. The civil case was sent to the concerned court. – Al-Anbaa

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