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GCC concerned over Somalia developments

RIYADH: The Gulf Cooperation Council described the death and injury of several people in Somalia amid clashes as “tragic,” saying it was concerned about these recent developments. According to reports, armed clashes erupted on Friday between security forces and gunmen at the capital, Mogadishu, leading to the casualties. In a statement, GCC Secretary General Dr Nayef Al-Hajraf urged calm and for the sides to resolve their differences peacefully, through negotiations and constructive dialogue, to reach national consensus.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry said the Saudi government was following with “great concern” the recent developments in Somalia, which have reportedly seen people killed and wounded at the capital Mogadishu. According to reports, several people were killed and injured amid armed clashes between government forces and armed protesters. In a statement, Riyadh urged “calm and de-escalation,” calling on Somalis to reach a “solution by peaceful means through dialogue in a way that preserves the security, stability and unity” of the country.

In the meantime, Egypt called on all Somali parties to exercise restraint, adhere to peaceful means and dialogue, and hold free, fair and transparent elections. In a statement, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that it follows up closely and with more attention with the political developments in Somalia after the outbreak of violence in the capital Mogadishu. The statement affirmed Egypt’s call for all political parties in Somalia to “work together to address the causes of the current crisis and reach a solution for it.”

It also called on all partners to provide support and assistance to Somalia “to overcome the current situation and achieve peace and stability in the country.” The statement affirmed Egypt’s call and support for all political efforts aimed at resolving the current political situation that would guarantee the Somali people’s hopes for security, stability, development and eliminating the threat of terrorism.


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