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GCC women contribute to aid efforts for Syrians in Turkey

ANKARA: The Tarahum volunteering team poses for a group photo. — KUNA

ANKARA: The Syrian crisis, which is entering its sixth year, had been plaguing the international community due to the atrocities committed during the ongoing war. Since March of 2011, the raging conflict resulted in a humanitarian catastrophe that led to the displacement and expulsion of millions of Syrian refugees who sought safe havens within their own country, neighboring states, as well as Europe and other parts of the world.

The GCC countries took a leading role in providing humanitarian assistance to the unfortunate Syrian refugees with Gulf States women being on the frontline of relief aid efforts. Women from the GCC bloc had been part of numerous initiatives to provide relief aid material and humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Saudi volunteer and activists Hawazen Al-Zahran said that the presence of GCC women citizens on the ground was not a “strange thing,” affirming that providing aid to the Syrian brothers and sisters was an obligation that she gladly carried out. Voluntary work creates this social bond among people that no other form of human interaction could provide, stressed Al-Zahrani who added that GCC societies always focused on the importance of social solidarity.

With the majority of refugees being children and women, it is important for GCC women volunteers to be on the ground to provide them with necessary assistance, said the Saudi activists. Though nothing seems to be promising, these small gestures towards the Syrians will hopefully help in decreasing the suffering of those affected by the grueling conflict in Syria. – KUNA

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