Generators’ thief caught

KUWAIT: A citizen caught a thief who used to steal generators and handed him to police with the stolen goods. The citizen noticed a person leaving a camp with a generator, who threw it and fled on being seen, so he chased him and found him in a pickup truck loaded with three generators. He was able to block him and called police. Separately, forensics officers went to Zour to investigate the theft of valuable items from three trucks including a transmission handle, computers and speedometers.

Pedestrian mugged
An Egyptian man, 36, told police that his brother was attacked and is being treated in hospital. Police went there, and the victim had told them that unidentified persons stopped him near a co-op and asked him change for KD 20, then snatched the money from him. He attempted to resist them, but they beat and dragged him for over 50 m, leaving him with a fractured pelvis, besides bruises and cuts.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and agencies

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