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‘Getting fit led to helping others’

Youth develops personal training into career

Nineteen-year-old Fahd Bu Ghaith is a real inspiration. While many of his peers continue to rely on their parents for support, he has changed his life, found a career and helps people all at the same time. The young man earns a living as a personal trainer and proved that men can attain healthy and fit bodies naturally.

“I’m trying to change young people’s thinking about bodybuilding. My target is not only financial, but I aim to promote natural training without consuming steroids and leading a healthy lifestyle,” he told Kuwait Times.

“I started exercising at the gym when I was 15 years old. At that time, all the trainers at the gym tried to convince me to take steroids to build bigger muscles. They were telling me all the time that I won’t be able to build muscles just by exercising, and that I must consume hormones. I refused and succeeded in building a natural-looking figure in a healthy way,” Fahd said.
Fahd educated himself using online resources and whatever else he could find. Reading to get all the important information about bodybuilding and sports training, along with proper nutrition.

“I read information provided by international educators and experts in sports training, which I applied on myself first and then on my trainees. After about four years of exercising at the gym and gaining some experience from the trainers working there, I built a good body and was able to train other people,” he said.

“But after I started to offer paid personal training, people began asking about my qualifications, so I recently obtained a certified trainer degree from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA),” Fahd said. “Now I’m taking a course at the British Council, which I will finish this year. After passing this course, I will be able to register at the university, and I plan to study physical education, which is related to my hobby and work,” stressed Fahd.

He told Kuwait Times how he began offering training sessions. “The pocket money I got from my father wasn’t enough for me, especially after I finished school. So I started thinking that I needed to have some source of income. Since I was already going to the gym daily and had good experience, I thought of training people. I offered to train four guys online free of charge, and asked them for their photos before the training and a month after training them. Three of them refused to provide their photos and stopped responding to messages, so I got disappointed. The fourth contacted me after a month of training, but I told him I had stopped this activity. But he insisted that I persevere and said he was satisfied with the result, so I told him I will have to charge money, and he agreed,” Fahd recalled.

“This was my real beginning as a freelancer. I started training him at the gym. After I posted his before and after photos on my Instagram account, three other people got interested and I became their personal trainer, in addition to 10 other men and women online,” explained Fahd. He prepares a custom-made schedule for each person, both for the personal training as well as online. “I prepare a tailored program for each person depending on their needs. This includes a suitable nutrition and training program. The program should be at least a month long and up to six months,” he pointed out.

Fahd has big ambitions. “I dream to establish my own gym for the people I train. I will work hard to make my dream come true, even if it takes some time. I also hope to complete my studies and get a university degree, as I believe that education is important for work and life,” he concluded.
By Nawara Fattahova

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