Girl stabbed by brother for wanting to live alone

KUWAIT: A security source said a man rushed his daughter to Sabah Hospital covered with blood, telling hospital investigators that her brother stabbed her. A case was filed at Sulaibiya police station and detectives arrested the suspect. The brother told them he was sorry for what he did, and told them he had a dispute with his sister because she wanted to live on her own, which made him angry. He then pulled a knife and stabbed her three times in her stomach and lung. He told them he did not mean to kill her, but only warn her. He told them where the knife and the clothes he was wearing when the stabbing took place were hidden.

Drug trafficking arrested
A passenger was taken to the Drug Control General Directorate (DCGD) after being caught with one kilogram of heroin at Kuwait International Airport. The pure heroin was found hidden in the luggage. The suspect confessed the drugs were intended for sale. Drug smuggling with the intention of trafficking is punishable by death under Kuwait’s Penal Code.

Oil facility
Police officers stopped an man who entered an area controlled by an oil company in the southern areas, and was found under the influence of alcohol. A security source said a police patrol noticed the man inside an oil facility, so they went after him, only to find out that he was drunk.

Liquor possession
Ahmadi police arrested a man in Mangaf with possession of 23 homebrewed liquor bottles that were found in his car. He was sent to the Drug Control General Directorate (DCGD) for further action.

Fugitive caught
A fugitive was arrested by Capital police. The 23-year-old Arab woman was sentenced to two years in jail on a forgery case. The arrest was made when she was stopped in her car. She was taken to the criminal sentences implementation department to serve her sentence. Meanwhile, a citizen and an Arab wanted for amounts of money totaling KD 106,000 were arrested and sent to the civil sentences implementation department. The arrests were made separately at a checkpoint. A third person was arrested by a police patrol as he was found wanted on a KD 67,000 debt case.

Thieves in custody
A Hawally police patrol noticed three persons exchanging blows, but when it approached them, two persons attempted to escape but were caught. The two are a citizen and a bedoon, while the third is an Arab who told them the two attempted to rob him, but he resisted, so they started beating him. – Al-Rai

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