Good grade gets arson student out of trouble

KUWAIT: Following up the case of the a school student who was sentenced to one year in a juvenile home for setting the school principal’s office on fire, the boy managed to pass his final tests with an average score of 71.5 percent, prompting the court of appeal to cancel his remaining term. It settled for having the boy sign an affidavit to show good conduct and transferred him to another school.

A lawyer, a bailiff and a court archive clerk were arrested for leaking some case files so that the lawyer could study them to prepare his arguments. A case was filed.

An Asian man filed a fraud case saying he received a call from a local mobile number telling him that he had won KD 15,000 and that his bank account details were needed to deposit it. The man said he later found that KD 600 had been withdrawn from his account. A case was filed.

A female citizen reported that her ex-husband barged into her house and assaulted her, said security sources, noting that the woman provided a medical report of her injuries. A case was filed.

A roaming taxi driver reported that unidentified robbers broke his cab’s windows and stole all its contents including KD 90 in cash. Separately, a bedoon wanted for several fraud and theft cases was arrested at the sheep market.

A Lebanese man reported that two people dressed in dishdashas attacked him as he stepped out of his vehicle after withdrawing KD 4,000 from his bank account to purchase a new vehicle and stole the money.

A GCC national was stabbed in the back and shoulder during a fight with five others in Khaitan. A case was filed and the assailants are being summoned for further investigations.

An Egyptian trailer truck driver stopped to help a compatriot along Abdaly highway whose truck had broken down, but while he was in the process of towing the truck, he accidentally ran over the other driver, causing him serious injuries.

Arguing over a traffic dispute, a citizen stepped out of his vehicle, pulled a Lebanese man out of his car and assaulted him. In an attempt to silence the man’s wife who was screaming for help, the Kuwaiti also assaulted her before he smashed their vehicle and drove off. A case was filed and the assailant is being summoned.

A citizen filed a case accusing an accountant working for him of embezzling KD 6,000 he was supposed to deposit in the company’s bank account. – Translated from the Arabic press

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