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Govt could scrap employees’ bonuses

KUWAIT: As part of the government’s austerity measures, ministries will reconsider paying employees the ‘excellent performance bonuses’ in the 2016-2017 budget, well-informed sources said. These bonuses would not be paid according to present conditions, the sources said, adding that ministries would have to either cancel or reduce them down by limiting them to certain employees who match strict performance assessment conditions.

The sources highlighted that the current average excellent performance bonuses were over KD 5 million in most ministries, which adds up to a very high cost. The sources added that the employees who get the bonus do not actually deserve it and it is most often given for profiteering and is followed by filing of many grievances by those who do not get it. “This calls for stricter regulations and conditions,” stressed the sources, noting that cancelling bonuses in the oil sector could be the beginning of cancelling them in other ministries. “The government will leave the final decision to respective ministries,” added the sources.

In another development, the sources added that governmental instructions were issued to the ministerial economic committee to finish its study concerning cutting subsidies and increasing petrol, electricity and water prices so that they could be listed on the Cabinet’s agenda for February.

Kuwait Airways
The parliament’s financial affairs committee is due to discuss today the proposals made on amending law number 6/2008 pertaining with turning Kuwait Airways into a shareholding company. The committee meeting will be attended by Communication Minister Essa Al-Kandari. The committee’s agenda also includes a bill on allowing the government to take funds from the general reserves as requested by Finance Minister and acting oil minister Anas Al-Saleh, who is scheduled to attend the meeting as well.

The parliament’s legal and legislative affairs committee is due to meet today to discuss a proposal on granting citizenship to the children of martyrs registered with the Martyrs Bureau. Meanwhile, member of the parliamentary interior and defense affairs committee MP Abdullah Maayouf said that the committee would discuss a bill granting citizenship to a maximum of 4,000 people in 2016.

Family safe
A huge fire broke out at a Kuwaiti family’s house in Omariya, said security sources, noting that the fire started when a cooking gas cylinder exploded in a kitchen annexed to the house, blowing off parts of the ceiling and walls. The sources added that no casualties were reported.

By A Saleh

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