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Govt studying subsidized gas proposals

KUWAIT: The government is studying parliamentary proposals to provide citizens with subsidized gasoline prices and give financial allowance to Kuwaitis, said government sources, noting however that such proposals would not be put for debate in the National Assembly during the next term. The upcoming term is the last for the current assembly, which does not leave enough time to discuss such important topic and pass necessary regulations, the sources explained.

Meanwhile, the sources noted that the government is not ignoring calls to impose fees on expatriates’ money transfers, noting that the subject is on the agenda of the next Parliamentary term as many MPs are in support of this proposal.

In other news, Ministry of Electricity and Water’s Assistant Undersecretary for Power Stations and Water Desalination Engineer Khalifa Al-Furaij said 74,680 million gallons were produced during the first half of 2019, adding that the strategic water reserves reached safe levels during that period. He said water consumption reached 74,722 million imperial gallons with a consumption percentage of less than 2 percent compared with the same period during last year.

By A Saleh

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