Govt won’t ask to postpone grilling motions

KUWAIT: The government has decided to attend today’s session to discuss parliamentary grilling motions without asking to postpone them, which means that the session would be a long one that might go on until late at night, said ministerial sources. They said His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah is ready to respond to a grilling motion filed by MP Hamdan Al-Azemi that is thought to be unconstitutional because it discusses ministers’ liabilities and the premier is only questionable regarding the government’s policy in general.

The sources said that having explained the above, the PM will accept taking the podium out of expressing cooperation between both powers. The sources said a parliamentary majority is against the premier’s grilling motion, and it is expected to end with discussions only and without a no-cooperation motion, which is only supported by seven MPs who expressed support in advance and before hearing the premier’s responses.

Meanwhile, the sources also stressed that Oil Minister Bakheet Al-Rasheedi is ready to respond to the grilling motion filed by MPs Omar Al-Tabtabaei and Abdulwahab Al-Babtain, although a parliamentary majority views it as personally-motivated, because the minister has only been in office for three months.

In other news, the government committee entrusted with following up corruption cases finished preparing lists of senior officials who had failed in their missions in a way that harmed the development process, pending referring them for investigations and serious accountability. The sources added that tangible measures are being taken on governmental, legislation and organizational levels to fight corruption by setting suitable legislation that would ensure accelerating proceedings on corruption cases so that this could act as a deterrent for potential violators.

By A Saleh

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