Greeting, reverence to yesterday’s mothers

The word ‘mother’ is not one to be taken lightly because mothers are the first schools children ever attend, so if they are well-prepared, they will be able to raise the best peoples ever. Mothers are fertile lands that are very fruitful when taken care of. Those who have seen mothers in the 1980s and earlier can never forget how dedicated and devoted they used to be. Back in the old days, when life was much simpler, mothers used to bear with very tough circumstances, especially when men went out on pearling or fishing expeditions, leaving the responsibility of their households to them.

In those times, mothers used to take care of everything in the house. They stayed up all night to make sure that their children were sleeping peacefully and comfortably. They used to give without expecting any rewards for it. So, whatever one does in return, it will never be enough to repay even a little bit of her sacrifices.

On the other hand, today’s moms seem to lack such unique genuine characteristics of good mothers. I personally saw an unforgettable scene on picking up my daughter from school the other day. A housemaid was carrying a little girl outside the school and the girl firmly clung to her, refusing to go to her mom, who kept trying to carry her instead. The girl’s attitude reflects how much she loves the maid, more than her own biological mother, even though I often see domestic workers and drivers drive crazily regardless of all traffic regulations on the road with their sponsors’ children onboard.

Yes, dear old mothers of the past good old days, you were the best. So may the Almighty have mercy on the souls of those who have departed us and prolong the lives of those of you who still live amongst us!

By Abdullah Abbas Bowair
[email protected]

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