Grocer molests 6-year-old in Hawally

KUWAIT: An Egyptian man brought his 6-year-old daughter to the police station and told them she was molested by a grocer at their building in Hawally. In his statements to police, the man said that he was surprised by his daughter’s screams after she had gone to a nearby grocery store, where the grocer groped various parts of her body, then attempted to remove her clothes, but she was able to escape from his clutches. Police arrested the suspect and he was sent to criminal detectives, where he confessed to the charges. The father did not want to file charges, but the suspect may be deported.

Search for ‘conman’
An Egyptian man was conned by a compatriot who works in a famous Egyptian event planning company. The victim told police that he paid the conman KD 10,000 to organize a concert in Kuwait, on a promise that the man would return the money and pay him his share of the profits after the concert was over. The man disappeared with the money, however, prompting the lender to report the matter to police. Detectives are investigating.

Fake cop caught
Criminal detectives arrested a Saudi man who claimed to be a detective and mugged an Indian national after tying him with a rope and beating him. The Indian lodged a complaint at a police station about an unidentified person who mugged him after claiming to be a detective. Detectives were able to identify the suspect and he was arrested following fierce resistance. A police source said the Saudi denied the charges, but was detained to continue the investigations.

Traffic dispute
A Kuwaiti woman accused an expatriate of colliding with her car following a dispute over a parking space. The accused denied the charge, adding that the citizen and her husband are attempting to frame him. The citizen went to the police station with her husband and said her luxury car was damaged deliberately in a public parking area and gave them the other car’s license plate number. The accused, Egyptian, came to the station when he was called and said the couple wanted to frame him due to previous disputes. Police believed him and he was released, although investigations are still on.

Friend robbed
A Kuwaiti woman confessed to stealing personal belongings of her friend during a visit to her apartment. A citizen went to a police station and told them her friend visited her, then when she left, she discovered that she had stolen her valuables. Detectives arrested the alleged thief, who confessed to committing the crime. The suspect was detained and faces further legal action. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

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