Guerilla learning

Salman Al-Mutawa

“Online” has a negative connotation when it comes to education. “Pfft. Online! If you want to learn something, go to a workshop or an actual class, those are more effective,” people say – and by people, I mean myself exactly one year ago. The truth is, not much has changed. Online classes have yet to become practical and effective enough to replace actual brick and mortar classes. But what about online courses?

In the past six months, I have learned how to burn an hour’s worth of calories in seven minutes, memorize over a hundred numbers and recite them forwards and backwards in less than 10 minutes, never forget a list, story or name ever again, bring people out of their shells to discuss more personal matters and allow myself and them to grow more as individuals, how to understand the basic psychology of everyone around you, how to choose what business I want to go into in less than 10 minutes, and the nooks and crannies of cryptocurrency…to scratch the surface.

I am sure by now, at least one of these items on the list has piqued your interest, and rightfully so. By next month, I hope to be able to control my autonomic nervous system to fight disease without the need for most medicine (but that’s another matter). If any of these topics has tugged at your heartstrings, it is because we humans are drawn to the practical. We are drawn to the things that can make something minutely annoying – like forgetting someone’s name soon after you meet them or wondering why you always procrastinate – disappear.

So how do you turn these “tricks” and hacks into a lifestyle? I admit I am still learning myself, but I have reached a point where I am comfortable enough to draw attention to the sources that can help transform lives. Just Googling these individuals will send you to the next, which will send you to the next, which will send you to the… you get the idea:
1- Go to YouTube.com and search for Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory. My suggestion would be to start by watching Simon Sinek’s interview on leadership.
Tom Bilyeu is the cofounder of Quest Nutrition (they make the Quest protein bars) and is one of the leading individuals in creating a centralized one stop shop for anyone who wants to transform their wealth, health, spirit and fitness. You can find him on Instagram @Tombilyeu.

2- Buy, borrow or steal Tim Ferris’ book “Tools of Titans”. This book is the Heathrow airport of amazing transformational individuals and advice. Reading this book could quite literally send you all over the world scouring for what more information you can find and add to your personal lifestyle. Tim Ferris is a multimillionaire best known for his book “The 4 Hour Work Week” (which I also highly recommend!) You can find Tim on YouTube by searching his name or on Instagram @timferris.

3- Deliberately keeping the best for last, and deliberately giving it the number “0” because this is where anyone and everyone should start, watch “Tony Robbins: I am Not Your Guru” to understand how this man can take chronically depressed and suicidal people out of their depression in less than 30 minutes. Then go to YouTube, search for him and watch and listen to everything this man has to offer. My advice would be to get a copy of “Awaken the Giant Within” and read it cover to cover. This book and the knowledge gained from it is the fastest way you can create the proper infrastructure in your life so that you can build off of a strong foundation. Learn how to make a decision and stick to it (like going to the gym or choosing the right life partner) using the right psychological tools and techniques. All from one source. You can find Tony on Tonyrobbins.com or on Instagram/Twitter @tonyrobbins

My goal with this editorial is to show that there is learning outside of the traditional schooling method that can not only fast-track the current method of schooling, but also be used to impact young men and women in Kuwait into peeling themselves away from the main educational lanes and join me in guerilla learning.
By Salman Al Mutawa
[email protected]

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