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Gulf Bank amplifies digital outreach on social media throughout 2020

Ahmad Al-Amir

KUWAIT: Gulf Bank is wrapping up 2020 as a year of swift action in the face of unprecedented challenges and historic transformation. Throughout the year, the bank proudly maintained its unwavering line of communication with the public it serves through a series of sustainability activities and awareness initiatives.

With the safety of both its customers and employees at the forefront, Gulf Bank continued to uphold its commitment to its community sustainability principles, as part of a program of activities that spread hope and generated positivity in the hearts of both the bank’s followers and the general public.

Throughout the year, Gulf Bank strategically utilized its social media accounts to circulate its social and educational messages to followers, spanning several topics including health, the economy, sports, psychology, and technology. The educational messages were broadcasted in the form of short and simple videos that were easy to share with others.

As a result of these initiatives, Gulf Bank is wrapping up the year with a notable 23 percent increase in social media followers, and more than 500,000 interactions with followers, including comments, return posts and responses. The bank’s channels also received nearly 7 million views, while the bank’s Customer Contact Center quickly responded to more than 25,000 messages received during the year, as part of Gulf Bank’s commitment to maintaining the highest level of customer service.

In 2020, Gulf Bank’s social media campaigns revealed more interactions with the public than ever through a collection of sustainability initiatives and activities. The year also marked an increase in health initiatives and safety awareness, as the bank amplified announcements by the Ministry of Health and the Cabinet of Ministers, in addition to the bank’s annual news cycle and response to the nation’s health and legal developments.

The bank’s social media campaigns reflected shifting public interests, and presented an exciting combination of news and activities to followers throughout the year. Topics of interest included the latest updates about national lockdowns and curfews, sports programs and physical activity initiatives, housekeeping activities, and interviews with entrepreneurs. In keeping with the bank’s efforts to increase transparency, Gulf Bank was also keen to highlight its various efforts across its branches in applying the best preventive health measures and ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Commenting on this year’s achievements, Gulf Bank’s Assistant General Manager of Corporate Communications, Ahmad Al-Amir, said: “There is no doubt that 2020 was a unique year that was truly unlike any other. As we reflect on a year that presented the world with completely new challenges, we are very proud of what Gulf Bank has been able to achieve, especially in light of the difficult circumstances the country was facing.

At Gulf Bank, our primary goal has always been to maintain an innovative communication approach with our followers, and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of national efforts to provide positive public content and a line of continuous communication throughout the various stages of the pandemic. We are happy to wrap up 2020 in good health and with memories that will last a lifetime, and look forward to engaging with our local community with more innovative, exciting and entertaining content to come!”

Community Sustainability Across Social Media
Post-COVID Response
As national efforts to curb the spread of the pandemic launched into action, Gulf Bank was quick to contribute to the Central Bank of Kuwait’s KD 10 million fund designed to allow local banks to support national efforts in combating the spread of the novel coronavirus.

In appreciation and recognition of the Ministry of Health’s continuous efforts throughout the year, Gulf Bank’s sustainability team also assisted at the Coronavirus Rapid Screening Center in Sabhan. Employees distributed preventive materials to all the visitors as part of the bank’s unwavering commitment to social responsibility, and as part of its community sustainability efforts in raising awareness about the virus and its prevention.

Entertainment at Home
This activity came as part of a wider set of initiatives pioneered by Gulf Bank, as the bank launched several community sustainability campaigns commensurate with the conditions the country was undergoing, including the lockdown and curfew periods. The bank collaborated with several local leaders to provide useful and entertaining content for its social media followers.

Local gym Circuit+ provided Gulf Bank’s followers with short home workout tips aimed at assisting athletes in completing their favorite physical activities at home, and to encourage working out as a means of lowering anxiety and boosting the immune system. The bank also collaborated with diet and nutrition specialist Dana Ghareeb who provided nutrition, health and lifestyle advice to followers, helping them cope with periods of high stress and encouraging healthier diet choices as a way of strengthening the immune system.

With many followers staying home throughout the year, the bank also spearheaded several lifestyle initiatives across its social media channels, collaborating with Ebtisam Al-Oumi, who shared home organization tips, and Chef Ahmed Al-Bader, who shared easy recipes for quick home meals at a time when restaurants in the country were closing down.

Weekly Campaigns
This year, Gulf Bank also launched several weekly social media campaigns, including: “Save the Environment” Sundays, in which Gulf Bank focused on recycling initiatives and encouraged followers to reduce their plastic use; Motivational Mondays, in which the bank spread inspirational messages and influential content; Tech Tuesdays, in which Gulf Bank highlighted a weekly technological tip; and Wellness Wednesdays, in which the bank presented health advice for increased mental and physical wellness.

The weekly campaigns, which have quickly become a few of the bank’s most anticipated digital segments, aim to deliver quick and beneficial tips for users in an effort to promote environmental awareness, lifestyle wellness, and financial literacy.

Gulf Bank also launched “Let’s Talk Business,” a series of interviews with local entrepreneurs designed to stimulate an entrepreneurial culture in Kuwait, and discuss how to overcome business challenges during an economic crisis such as the pandemic.

The entrepreneurs are interviewed by Tareq Al-Saleh, Deputy General Manager of the Economic Research Unit at Gulf Bank, who discusses various business-related topics with guests including Chef Ahmad Al-Bader, Abdulaziz B Al-Loughani, Talal Al-Nafisi, Abdullah Al-Essa. The business leaders discuss the keys to success for small businesses, how to conduct business during times of crisis, how to successfully diversify and expand your business, and more.

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