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Gulf Bank management welcomes newest Al-Danah Millionaire

KUWAIT: Gulf Bank’s CEO Tony Daher and other bank officials pose for a group photo with Jassem Mohammed Issa Abbas, the 2019 Al-Danah Millionaire.

KUWAIT: Gulf Bank welcomed Jassem Mohammed Issa Abbas, the 2019 Al-Danah Millionaire, to Gulf Bank’s Head Office. During the visit, Abbas received his One Million Kuwaiti Dinar prize from Gulf Bank’s CEO, Tony Daher, and members of the bank’s senior management. Abbas was announced as the 2019 Al-Danah Millionaire during an exciting live event held at The Avenues on 16th January 2020. He is the 14th winner to receive the annual prize of One Million Kuwaiti Dinars.

During the draw event, Gulf Bank also announced that Al-Danah is now bigger. As of 2020, the prize of the annual draw is now KD 1,500,000. The next annual Al-Danah draw will be held on 14 January 2021, and the last chance to deposit into an Al-Danah account and participate in the annual draw will be 30 September 2020.

Commenting on Abbas’s visit, Ahmad Al Amir, Assistant General Manager for External Communications at Gulf Bank, said: “We are delighted to congratulate this year’s Al-Danah Millionaire, and welcome him to the bank. Jassem is our 14th Al-Danah Millionaire, and we look forward to discovering who the winner of the new KD 1,500,000 prize will be!”

Gulf Bank encourages customers to increase their chances of winning with Al-Danah by depositing more into their Gulf Bank accounts using the new ePay (Self-Pay) service, which is available on Gulf Bank’s online and mobile banking services.

Al-Danah is Gulf Bank’s flagship account, open to Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti residents of Kuwait. Customers require a minimum of KD 200 to open an account and the same amount should be maintained for customers to be eligible for the upcoming Al-Danah draws. Customers who open an account and/or deposit more will enter the weekly draw within two days. Al-Danah draw distributes more than KD 2 million in prizes every year.

Al-Danah offers several unique services to customers, including the Al-Danah Deposit Only ATM card, which allows account holders to deposit money into their accounts at their convenience. Account holders can also calculate their weekly, quarterly, and yearly chances of winning the draws through the ‘Al-Danah Chances’ calculator available on the Gulf Bank website and app.

To take part in the upcoming Al-Danah quarterly and yearly draws, customers must meet the required hold period for each draw. Al-Danah chances are added on a daily basis, and the more customers save and the longer they save for, the higher their chances of winning. Furthermore, loyal customers will be rewarded and have their previous year’s chances transferred to the next year.

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