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Gulf Bank welcomes new trainees across various departments

KUWAIT: Gulf Bank honors the NUKS USA President.

KUWAIT: Gulf Bank hosted a celebratory event last week in celebration of its 40 field trainees, who have successfully completed their internship program across various departments in the Bank. The event was held in the presence of Gulf Bank’s CEO, Tony Daher, and the Deputy CEO of Consumer Banking and Investments, Waleed Khaled Mandani, in addition to representatives from multiple higher education institutions such as the American University of the Middle East (AUM), and the Gulf University for Science and Technology.

Representatives from local student organization, LOYAC, also attended, in addition to the president of the National Union of Kuwaiti Students (NUKS), Abdulaziz Al-Kandari, and the Dean of the School of Engineering at the Australian College of Kuwait, Dr Mohammed Abdul-Niby, who spoke during the event and thanked Gulf Bank for its ongoing support and empowerment of the Kuwaiti student body.

Some of the interns.

During the event, the National Union of Kuwaiti Students expressed their appreciation for Gulf Bank’s sponsorship of this year’s new student orientation for high school graduates who are planning to study in the United States. This year, Gulf Bank’s Training and Development department offered all student attendees (including those who are majoring in relevant majors) the opportunity to receive a paid internship opportunity in the fields of data science and cyber security.

This event was held in celebration of the employees’ successful completion of Gulf Bank’s integrated training program, which wrapped up in August 2021. The training program encompasses the basics of banking, and prepares trainees for their future banking careers, highlighting the different functions of the Bank’s various departments. The program also serves to bridge the gap between trainees’ theoretical university training and the practical, hands-on work experience that the modern day workplace requires.

During the course of their training, the trainees took advantage of several occasions to meet and network with the Bank’s leaders, gaining valuable experience. After successfully completing the training period, each candidate was then matched with the department that was the most suited for their prospective career paths, and the most aligned with their skills and aspirations. With the training period complete and having gained a holistic understanding of the Bank’s multiple departments, each candidate will now officially start working at the department of his or her choice.

Gulf Bank’s General Manager of Human Resources, Salma Al-Hajjaj emphasized the value and uniqueness of the Bank’s training program, saying: “Gulf Bank’s Internship Training Program is one of the most important programs at the Bank, in part since it represents a tangible transition in the trainee’s life – from a budding university student to an experienced banking employee. I am extremely proud of our trainees and this program, which has proven its value year after year in successfully training countless leaders in the banking sector.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite our young graduates to learn about the multitude of training opportunities available to them, and to encourage them to pursue the unparalleled banking experience that can only ever be offered at Gulf Bank, a bank that is moving steadily towards leadership in the banking sector.”

The trainees have been assigned to several departments at Gulf Bank, including Corporate Banking, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Strategy Department, Human Resources, Retail Banking, Central Sales, Cyber Security, Data Science, Data and Analytics, and CPD. The trainees also included interns from LOYAC and the National Union of Kuwaiti Students (NUKS), who spent several weeks interning at multiple departments within the bank and were eventually appointed to work at the departments.

To learn more about Gulf Bank’s various initiatives, customers can visit one of the Bank’s branches, or visit the Gulf Bank website at www.e-gulfbank.com. Customers can also use the WhatsApp service on 1805805 for round-the-clock assistance from Gulf Bank representatives or call the Customer Contact Center on the same number.


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