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Hala Feb concerts end

The musical concerts of Hala February festival concluded successfully with the highest attendance figures. Both the fourth and fifth concerts finished very late, yet the theatre was fully booked and the organizers had to place some attendees and the media in the balcony. The fourth concert was held on Thursday night at the Ice Skating Rink and started at 11:00 pm with young Kuwait singer Ismael Mubarak. As he is not very popular, he performed for less than an hour.

The second star of this night was popular Kuwaiti singer Nabeel Shueil, who came onstage at 12:40 am. After presenting few songs, popular singer Bashar Al-Shatti joined him in singing the national song ‘Hatha Uhu Likweiti’ that they released last year. Folk singer Sulaiman Al-Qasar also joined them on the stage and sang a song. Shueil also sang two songs with Emirati singer Ahlam, who concluded the events of the night.

Before Ahlam came onstage, she arranged the distribution of hundreds of colored neon lights for the audience to use when she comes on stage. The organizers also brought her a cake on the occasion of her birthday, then the head of the media committee of the festival Waleed Al-Suqoubi awarded her. She sang for almost two hours, and concluded at 4:25 am.

The fifth and last musical concert was held on Friday night and started with Bahraini singer Hind, who came onstage at 10:00 pm. She performed till 11:15 pm. The second performance was by Egyptian singer Shireen, who was warmly welcomed by the huge audience. She commented that in front of the Kuwaiti audience, a singer really feels precious. She sang a song sitting on the stage and the audience sang with her.

This concert concluded with the very popular Emirati singer Hussein Al-Jasmi, who came onstage at 2:45 am and said that he is proud to be concluding the concerts of the Hala February festival. He also mentioned that Kuwait was the first country where he performed outside the UAE. He presented many of his songs including songs in the Egyptian dialect and of legendary Lebanese singer Fayrouz. This was the longest concert, as it concluded at 4:40 am.

By Nawara Fattahova

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