Harnessing app technology in International Healthcare

KUWAIT: Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (GOSH), one of the top five children’s hospitals in the world, located in London, England, has developed GOSH Global, a free-to-download app that allows healthcare professionals throughout the world to access a comprehensive database of clinical specialties and world-leading consultants, and make an instant referral of a patient for treatment.

With an increase in international patient referrals, GOSH wants to streamline the way patients were referred for treatment. They also want healthcare professionals worldwide to be able to view the services and consultants available at GOSH at the click of a button.

“We know that our partners overseas need an easy way of accessing a database of our services and consultants, and want to be able to refer a patient quickly and efficiently,” said Trevor Clarke, Director of International Services at GOSH. “We work hard to provide effective and efficient care to patients and now we’re thrilled to be able to match that in our referral process”
The International and Private Patients Service at GOSH treats over 5,000 children from over 80 different countries each year. The service is tailored to the referral and treatment of international patients and their dedicated, multi-lingual team ensure a smooth and efficient patient experience.

GOSH treats over 2,000 patients from the Middle East every year, specifically Gulf and UAE national patients. Research shows that:
• 1 in 10 Gulf in-patients travel overseas for specialist care
• Over 1,000 patients were sent to London from Kuwait in 2013
• 25% of UAE nationals choose to seek medical treatment abroad
• 65% of Kuwaitis prefer medical care abroad
• In Saudi Arabia, the number of people who travel overseas for the purpose of medical tourism is around 200,000
• In 2010 nearly 3,000 citizens from Qatar received treatment overseas
More about GOSH Global:
• New free-to-download app that facilitates the easy referral of international and private patients for treatment
• Users can browse the wide range of clinical specialities available through the International and Private Patient Service and view an extensive list of world-leading consultants
• Users can search for a consultant by name or speciality and then either make an instant referral, email that consultant’s profile to another contact, or make an enquiry to the dedicated GOSH referrals team
• The dedicated referrals team at GOSH will respond to all enquiries within two working days
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