Hayef files to grill finance minister as MPs pass laws

KUWAIT: Islamist MP Mohammad Hayef filed to grill Finance Minister Nayef Al-Hajraf over two issues: Not fulfilling his oath and charging interest on loans taken by pensioners from the social security agency. Hayef had planned to file the grilling on Sunday after the finance minister did not attend a meeting of the financial and economic affairs committee to discuss the issue.
Sources said Hayef had signed on a no-confidence draft motion against the minister during a grilling two weeks ago but he withdrew his name in the last minute after he was promised that the government will drop and cancel interest on loans taken by pensioners. But the minister said yesterday that the government will not forgive or cancel any interest on such loans, insisting these are public funds and cannot be forgiven.

During the Assembly debate yesterday, MPs passed amendments to the public tender law which gives at least 10 percent of government contracts to small and medium investors. MPs also approved amendments to the copyrights law amid protests by lawmakers that there are other legislations that impose restrictions on the freedom of speech and opinion like the cybercrimes law. The Assembly also debated a few other laws. The Assembly will be holding sessions daily until Thursday to debate laws and pass budgets.

By B Izzak

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