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Health fees increase dropped patients’ numbers: Official

KUWAIT: Mubarak Hospital’s Manager Dr Nadia Al-Jumaa stressed that increasing health fees for expatriates had remarkably decreased outpatient appointment waiting periods, adding that appointments that used to be made after a month can now be made in less than a week. Jumaa added that patients referred to the hospital from various clinics can now be seen by specialized doctors on the same day or within two days at most. “Citizens used to complain that they do not feel they are in their own country because of the crowds at various hospitals,” she stressed, noting that the numbers of Kuwaiti patients have increased after imposing the new fees. “However, we do not discriminate amongst patents,” she said. Jumaa added the hospital’s casualty department is understaffed and needs more doctors.

Fraud bill
Well-informed sources said the government submitted the unified GCC 18-article fraud bill which mainly focuses on following a unified customs law banning the import, re-export, production, manufacture, display, sale, storage, transport, marketing, handling, promoting or possession of counterfeit or foul goods with the aim of selling them. The sources added that the bill also suggests legal accountability for those in possession or promoting the export of the aforementioned goods, as well as those involved in commercial fraud concerning the goods’ type, volume, measurement, weight, caliber, nature, characteristics, components, origin, structure or validity and expiry dates.

By A Saleh

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