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Health Ministry completes performance assessment for 62,513 employees

Municipality approves secondhand vehicles market location

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Health’s (MOH) assessment department recently completed assessing the performance of 62,513 Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti ministry employees in 2018. Health sources said results are due by mid-March, noting that according to Civil Service Commission (CSC) resolution number 36/2006 amended by resolution number 15/2017, 30 percent of the assessment focuses on commitment to official working hours while 70 percent focuses on other performance issues. The sources added that the assessment will include health zone directors, hospital managers and their deputies, heads of primary care units and heads of nursing staff. The sources explained that all officials responsible for the process are required to note down all positive and negative remarks in their assessment reports so that each employee could work on avoiding the negatives in the future.

Secondhand vehicles
Kuwait Municipality approved a request by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) to allocate a new market for secondhand vehicles located over a total area of 500,000 square meters along Salmi highway, well-informed sources said. The new market would not only offer selling and buying used vehicles, but would also include showrooms for these vehicles with technical tests and registration issuance onsite, the sources added.
Interested buyers would have access to auctions and can submit their bids online, the sources noted. “The site will also provide other facilities such as restaurants, rest areas and representatives of various automobile agents,” the sources added, noting that the new market will help get rid of brokers. In addition, the sources explained that MOCI is about to form a special committee and offer the project for public bidding to private sector investors.
In other news, MOCI referred the final draft of the bankruptcy, restructuring and preventive settlement bill to the fatwa and legislation department following approval by relevant authorities including the Central Bank which demanded supervising bankruptcy cases. According to the draft, an application can be filed following the death of an indebted person, quitting a business or loss of legal capacity within two years following death or striking off a trader’s name from the commercial register.

Solar power plant
Eleven companies and consortiums out of 28 qualified ones have so far purchased the condition handbook for the Al-Debdebah solar power plant project, well-informed oil sources said. The sources said initial indicators show that the prices given in the bids would competitively vary between KD 200 million and KD 300 million compared to the project’s estimated budget of KD 520 million. The sources added that bidders had made around 800 inquiries about the project and that most of them were about the plant itself and power lines.

36 projects
The monthly report issued by the Public Authority for Housing Welfare revealed that the authority managed to accomplish 36 projects till January with a total value of KD 1.3 billion, including 15 projects whose accomplishment is way ahead of schedule. The report explained that 51.98 percent of Mutlaa city’s roads and infrastructure project executed by an Italian-Turkish consortium has been completed till January, while the contract states 43.59 percent, while the second contract of building the infrastructure for eight of the city’s areas executed by a Chinese contractor is behind schedule with actual accomplishment of 26.92 percent compared to the scheduled 58.99 percent.

Social care
Ministry of Social Affairs’ assistant undersecretary for social care affairs Sheikhah Al-Adwani said the ministry aspires to build an integrated complex for social care houses including geriatrics and family care houses that provide all tenants’ needs. Adwani noted the current buildings need much development.

By A Saleh

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