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Health Ministry to regulate overtime to avoid ‘profiteering’

KD 821 million for spending on 85 energy projects

KUWAIT: Ministry of Health (MOH) undersecretary Dr Mustafa Redha urged all his assistants and department, health zone and hospital directors to list the names of employees assigned to work overtime outside official working hours, the tasks they do and how much they get paid for them. Informed sources said the aim of the survey is to rationalize overtime working hours through strict regulations to avoid profiteering and fake assignments to do things that can be done during official working hours. The conditions also include having the undersecretary’s approval.

Meanwhile, informed sources said MOH is currently making a list of all accounts on various social media networks of health zones and various departments in order to track the content posted on them and regulate them to avoid negative posts that affect health awareness and trust in the ministry’s services. The sources predicted that dozens of accounts will be accordingly closed for public interest, because they do not represent MOH’s official views or because they contribute in undermining the public’s trust in MOH.

Further, the sources pointed that MOH plans to issue a special resolution to regulate the matter and take legal actions against violators, as some MOH employees are running personal accounts implying that what they post are MOH’s official points of view.

Proposed budget
A report about the Ministry of Electricity and Water’s (MEW) proposed 2019-2020 budget project showed that KD 821 million will be allocated for spending on 85 projects this year. Meanwhile, informed sources said MEW circulated a directive to all MOE schools around Kuwait urging them switch off all air conditioners from June 21 until the beginning of the new academic year in September, adding that this will save around 600 megawatts, which is enough for an entire residential area. The sources added special MEW teams have been assigned to visit various schools and accordingly report back. The sources said in collaboration with the Environment Public Authority (EPA), special campaigns will be organized at The Avenues mall in July to boost public awareness of the need to rationalize water and power consumption.

Army recruitment
The Kuwait army announced that all military schools are ready to receive new batches of sons of Kuwaiti women and non-Kuwaiti military personnel by mid-June.

By A Saleh

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