Hebrew-speaking toys confiscated

KUWAIT: Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s inspection teams recently found Hebrew-speaking toys being sold in a toys store in the capital, said security sources. All the toys were removed from shelves and investigations have been launched against the owner.

Narcotic drugs seized
A female Ethiopian was recently arrested on arrival at Kuwait International Airport with the possession of Khat hidden in her luggage, said security sources. Separately, a citizen was arrested in Mahboula with the possession of one kilo of hashish and some illicit pills, said security sources.

Brawl in clinic
Two citizens were recently arrested for fighting over turn while waiting at a clinic in Jahra to see a doctor, said security sources.

Intimate moments: A Syrian and a female citizen were recently arrested while having moments of intimacy inside the man’s vehicle in Nugra, said security sources.

Drinking session
Responding to a report that four people started fighting among themselves after a session drinking session around a fire beside Al-Salmi highway, a police patrol rushed to the scene. However, the patrol found that the suspects had already fled on hearing their sirens leaving behind their bottles and personal effects.

Traffic violation case
A citizen reported that on renewing his Asian housemaid’s residency, he was told that her file was blocked and that she had to pay fines for driving without a license and without a valid registration. The strange case was reported since the maid does not drive. The citizen filed a complaint at the undersecretary’s office and an investigation was ordered to find out whether traffic violations were registered at random.

Search for policeman

A search is on for a policeman who let an Asian woman wear his military cap, then photograph her in uniform and post her photo on social media.

Expats looted
Two Egyptian brothers living in Salmiya recently reported that an unidentified robber had broken into their apartment and stolen KD 190 in cash, 1000 Egyptian pounds, their passports, a laptop and an IPhone 6, said security sources.

Woman hits student’s father

A citizen recently reported that the mother of his son’s schoolmate had assaulted him on getting out of the school by the end of a school day because he had had a fight with her son.

Workers fight

Three Indians and two Vietnamese working for the same company in Kabed area were recently arrested for fighting, said security sources. The three of them were rushed to hospital with some injuries pending further investigations. -Al-Rai/ Al-Anbaa

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