Heed the danger

There is no doubt that everyone knows about the measures and precautions to be taken during our current circumstances, especially advice given by the health authorities through all types of media.

Yet, when I went on Wednesday morning to service my car at the dealership, I was surprised by the number of people waiting ahead of me, although I arrived at 7:00 am, while the place opens at 8:00 am! When the center finally opened and numbers were being distributed, I joined the line. When the queue got bigger, people were very close to each other, almost touching.

I could not bear the scene, so I, along with a few others, started to tell them that this was wrong and they should maintain a distance. The response of the majority was just to look at my face. Then a detective who happened to be in the place to service his car tried to organize the line, but most of those in the queue said “there is nothing wrong, leave us alone, we just want a number, no problem”. Unbelievable!

Almost every doctor, official and person gives advice every day on how to avoid getting infected with this virus – and we are into it for almost six months. But I have become convinced that people are not totally aware of the gravity of the situation yet.

When the talk about opening up the country was being made, the commerce ministry issued steps to be followed by businesses of all types and included stipulations certain employees must pay attention to and make sure the rules are implemented.

During the few times that I ventured outside the house for absolutely necessary purposes, I noticed many people following instructions, yet a good number of those did not. I wonder if the concerned authorities have enough manpower or trained volunteers to place them in locations where large crowds gather to organize them, to continue the march towards reopening the country and restoring a relatively normal life.

However, we should bear in mind that the virus will be around for some time, and we can keep it off us by just following a few simple steps. To people out there, please be cooperative, because the life you will protect is yours, then the life of your brother in humanity! Thank you.

Final word: “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” – Charles Dickens

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