Hello corona

By Abdellatif Sharaa

It is clear that the country has opened up, and it seems that there is no turning back, that this situation will remain so and there is no other way about it. Kuwait was in virtual lockdown for over seven months and this had a tremendous impact on the economy, which was already under pressure due to the significant fluctuation of oil prices for various reasons.

We, at this point, should ask ourselves when it comes to survival: is it for the strongest and toughest, or is it for those who are aware? We described the virus as the invisible enemy and it remains so. It is still attacking, and will attack you from any direction and at any time, while the sad thing is that you will not know it until it is too late. So, it is important to have awareness about how to behave and act in a way that helps us spare ourselves from being infected.

We must first be examples for our families and encourage them to be cautious and turn healthy behavior into a habit to fight the coronavirus. Behaviors such as kissing and hugging when leaving the house or returning home must be abandoned. Believe me, your mother, father, sister, brother or children will not be angry at you when you do not kiss and hug them if they understand why, so do not carry on with this unnecessary act.

Do the same outside in the street or at work. A simple hello is more than enough, and your colleagues understand that very well. Governments are now taking different approaches to the issue after giving abundant advice and warnings for the public on a daily basis, to the point that I am sure many may have imagined the coronavirus as a real and tangible entity standing in front of them.

I am afraid that cases may go up if we are not careful. For now, we are blessed by the grace of God that the number of recoveries is good. But if we are not vigilant enough, hospital capacities may not be able to handle a large number of cases. By the way, if you feel any symptoms or have any doubts, it is much better to stay home and keep away from others just to keep everyone on the safe side.

I must say here that heads of departments, company owners, managers and supervisors must be strict in implementing procedures because the appearance of even one case will mean the place will be closed down for a few days, and this may be very costly. Employees must not be selfish and think about all those around them, and about the entire community because it takes only one person to transmit the disease to many others.

Yes, remind your brothers in humanity to wear their masks, and it is not a bad behavior to extend your elbow to a person who wants to shake hands with you! The solution is in front of us and with us, so let us be smart and help make ‘corona’ and its sisters something of the past. May God protect you all.

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