Heroin trafficking cases multiply

KUWAIT: Heroin smuggling and abuse seem to be on the rise in Kuwait. A growing number of arrests of heroin dealers and delivery men indicate possible increased used, especially among the local youth population. Heroin, typically smuggled in from Afghanistan and Iran, has a high street value in Kuwait and is one of the most popular drugs of choice along with crystal meth and Tramadol pills.

In 2016, Kuwait police seized what they claimed to be the largest ever quantity of pure heroin smuggled into the country. They raided a house and arrested a Kuwaiti man in possession of 2.5 kilos of pure heroin. But only a few months later, a Sri Lankan man was busted with three kilos of heroin, though its purity was never reported.

But the trade continues to flourish. Just this week, Ahmadi detectives recently arrested an Indian man for selling narcotics by delivering them to his clients in various camps and chalets, said security sources noting that suspect was arrested in possession of 21 bags of heroin and KD 1,500 in cash. In another case, a Bangladeshi man was caught in possession of 40 bags of heroin and ICE (crystal meth) in Ardhiya. Security sources noted that the suspect tried to resist arrest and assaulted a police officer dislodging the officer’s shoulder. The man was eventually controlled and apprehended. At least 17 people have been put to death for drug trafficking in Kuwait.

By Sara Ahmed

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