Honesty means everything

By Abdellatif Sharaa

When Cain killed his brother Abel, he realized that his act was something unforgivable and he should not even have thought about it, but of course it was too late. While sitting next to his brother’s body, he realized how ignorant he was when he saw a crow kill another crow, then dug a hole and buried its victim in it, as if he was being told what to do with his brother!

This was man’s start on this earth from day one, as good and evil were introduced and the fight between them commenced, and it will continue until the end of life as we know it. People have since introduced the words honor, honesty, trust and so on.

We have seen throughout history that the lack of honesty by some people does not take them too far, and at some point they will be exposed and find themselves in shame because of their bad acts, and in some cases it will be too late to correct the mistakes. I am sure you can imagine how they will be looked at by others, especially by friends and associates.

The following is a story that took place few years earlier and shows what dishonesty can do to a person. A man said his father was a major trader of sheep and its byproducts, and used to buy and sell them in retail in his city. The man said he took over the job from his father when he was old enough. He said one day he went to a supplier to get some wool and fat.

When he was weighing the wool, the man said that he was giving the supplier figures in kilos and grams, such as 25 kilos and 700 grams and so on, and this made the supplier happy because of the accuracy. Now the man said he was not telling the supplier the truth and was cutting 10 kilos out.

He said that after totaling the weights, the supplier felt something was wrong because he estimated the weight should be around 20,000 kilos, but the man told him it was 12,000, ie 8,000 kilos short. Here the supplier said: “If you are cheating, I pray that may Allah punish you!”

The man said he was somewhat scared and struggled within himself while on his way back to the city and was debating whether to return to the supplier and pay the difference or just let it go. He finally decided to just let it go. He added that not long after his decision, he was involved in an accident that confined him to a hospital and the goods he had went to waste.

He said that as he recovered, he realized this was a message from Allah, so he went to the supplier to pay him, but the supplier refused to take the money and forgave me. This story tells us that we must always be honest and true to ourselves first and others in general. Believe me – what goes around comes around sooner or later!

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