‘Honor killing’ in Pakistan

KARACHI: Pakistani police have exhumed the bodies of a couple believed to have been murdered and hastily buried by their families after they eloped, in the country’s latest “honor killing” case. Authorities in the port city of Karachi have arrested at least nine people connected to the double homicide, including the father of the male victim, but admitted that several family members sought in the case were still on the run.

The couple were reported missing when the owner of the house they rented in western Karachi entered the property after they gone missing for three days and discovered bloodstains around the home. “The autopsy report says that the couple were killed by strangulation,” Dr Rohina Hasan of the government-run Abbasi Shaheed Hospital said yesterday. Police believe the couple were murdered by family members, including male relatives of both victims, after they eloped without their consent. Authorities later began rounding up relatives of the missing pair, who confirmed they had been killed by their families and buried in unmarked graves at a cemetery.

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