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How to have a gorgeous hair!

realfouzMy job requires me to be in the salon almost every other day, either for my hair or my nails or any sort of maintenance I have to take care of. Many girls who follow me think I color and style my hair on a daily basis without actually taking care of it, which is definitely not the case. Whether or not you genetically have good hair, you always need to make sure you keep it healthy, just like when you apply too much make up too often you skin starts breaking out, the same goes to your nails, if you always have nail varnish on they’ll eventually become weak, and so on.

Your body is what you take with you throughout your life, what you do now is considered a package that you keep adding on to for the future and when you’re older. Working out, eating healthy, drinking water, getting enough sleep, as well as taking care of your outer appearance is something you will appreciate in the later stages of your life. Being a woman, you deal with many things, marriage and pregnancy change many things, hormonal changes also can change your skin, hair and can even be biological. Point is, whatever it is you want to maintain in terms of your appearance or skin, hair body, etc, you will have to take care of and assure it stays healthy.

The first thing you would to invest in, is a moisturizing serum or oil replacement, you can apply this after every shower with wet hair so it can lockdown the moisture in your hair. I would suggest to Pantene Oil Replacement, which I always pack with me when I’m travelling, because that’s the worst time when my hair goes crazy, when I travel.

Another thing I’ve been loving to use in my hair coloring is to add Olaplex. I used it once and ever since I cannot color my hair without asking my hair colorist to add it to the dye. It doesn’t allow the color to damage your hair, and leaves your hair silky smooth. I swear by the product!

Hair treatments is very essential if you’re girl who loves styling and coloring her hair often like myself, I’ve used so many treatments it’s ridiculous, but now I know that I educated myself to know what’s best for my hair.

Try fillers!
Try fillers! I literally have fillers in my hair as I write this article. This treatment comes in three steps, 1 the shampoo to clean your hair, 2 is the actual fillers, which comes in as a gel-like residue which you apply to your hair starting from the roots to the ends. Keep it on for 20-30 mins depending on how dry and damaged your hair is, then use the step 3, which is a moisturizing shampoo to clean out the fillers.

Caviar, is another option for a treatment if you’re feeling like you want to pamper yourself. This treatment might be more on the expensive side but if sure worth it every once in a while. It leaves your hair with an incredible shine as well as making it very soft.

If your hair is not very damaged or dried out, try out the Botox treatment, this to me, I find is a quick fix, as the other treatments mentioned are more extensive moisturizing for your hair, which I love. Sometimes, when you’re in a hurry and this fix is just the one for you or for your younger daughter/sibling. Whatever treatment you choose to go for just make sure it suits your hair type as it is always important to educate ourselves with what products we are using on ourselves.

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