Huawei Connect attracts more than 20,000 ICT professionals from over 120 countries to Shanghai

Guo Ping Rotating CEO of Huawei, speaks at Huawei Connect 2016
Guo Ping Rotating CEO of Huawei, speaks at Huawei Connect 2016

Dubai: More than 20,000 ICT industry leaders and experts from over 120 countries gathered in Shanghai last week for the first HUAWEI CONNECT, Huawei’s largest-ever integrated conference for the global ICT ecosystem. Held from August 31-September 2, the themed conference dubbed “Shape the Cloud” explored cloud era trends and how different industries can achieve digital transformation by developing cloud technology and contributing to the cloud ecosystem.

Throughout the three-day, Huawei showcased its strategy to serve as a platform for growth, and support strong alliances that push the industry forward and promote ongoing social progress.

“Society as we know it is developing towards a smart society, and in this environment, it simply will not be possible for any company to operate and compete on its own. All industries from healthcare to education will become more interconnected, more complex. As industries integrate and consumer demands evolve, enterprises have to become more open and flexible, and future-proof their business with ecological advantages’, Guo Ping, Rotating CEO of Huawei.

Guo stressed three of Huawei’s guiding principles for cultivating a sound ecosystem in the cloud era: making a bigger pie (i.e., market) is more important than fighting for a larger share; managing cooperation is more important than managing competition; and benefit sharing is the driving force behind the evolution of the ecosystem – and the result of its successful development.

On day one of the event, Ken Hu, Huawei’s Rotating CEO, explained the company’s aim to position itself as the enabler and driver of an intelligent world. The company will hold true to its culture of customer-centricity, focus on ICT infrastructure and provide innovative cloud technology. Throughout this process, Huawei aims to become a preferred partner that enables digital and cloud transformation, while actively contributing to the cloud ecosystem through openness, collaboration, and shared success.

Also on day one, Huawei officially unveiled its Integrated Communication Platform (ICP), the company’s newest addition to its range of Safe City solutions featuring extensive connectivity and high visibility. The platform can pick up alerts from various channels via social media, Internet of Things and so on, and can also quickly and extensively access videos. It enables fast response and handling of security alerts, streamlined coordination of different first responder departments, and granular, informed command decisions.

 On day two, Huawei announced its Agile Network 2016 solution that uses Software-defined Networking (SDN) technology to shape the network architecture of the cloud era and to establish a firm foundation for the digital transformation of enterprises. The Agile Network 2016 focuses solutions on the mobilization of users and services during the digital transformation of enterprises, on IoT application of production systems, and on new challenges brought by cloud-based applications. This new solution is intended to create a network that is on-demand, has self-services, is easily managed, and is both secure and trusted.

Huawei also launched FusionStorage 6.0, which is designed to help customers address potential challenges arising from migration of their services to a cloud by providing the performance and capacity of a fully distributed architecture, flexible and optional infrastructure, and an open and compatible architecture. Additionally, Huawei launched FusionStage PaaS platform which features an open architecture and offers enterprises a complete environment for app development, deployment, operation, and management.

Furthermore, Huawei and Accenture jointly announced verified enterprise SAP and Oracle cloud solutions, which are based on Huawei FusionCloud solution for global enterprise customers’ core applications to provide a one-stop service.  The two-year alliance between the two ICT leaders leverages Huawei’s extensive experience in ICT infrastructure and Accenture’s capabilities in consulting, systems integration and outsourcing.

On the last day of the event, Huawei launched the first full-scenario Agile Controller 3.0 (AC 3.0), which focuses on four business scenarios (enterprise campus, data center network, WAN, and IoT) and provides capabilities such as on-demand network resource pool reservation,, automatic deployment, intelligent optimization and bandwidth adjustment on-demand for enterprise customers across campuses, carriers and data center networks. This can improve the resource scheduling efficiency of enterprise cloud services, improving the network efficiency for carrier customers and providing the best customer experience possible.

Huawei also announced its New Financial Cloud Solution for Mission Critical jointly developed by Huawei and Infosys Finacle, designed to ease some of the IT challenges of the finance and banking sectors. The new innovation is based on the Huawei FusionCloud platform and the world’s first 32-socket Mission Critical server KunLun, integrated with the world’s leading  banking system – Infosys Finacle.

Another major announcement that place on day three was the official unveiling of Huawei’s new-generation convergent all-flash System OceanStor Dorado V3, which is designed for enterprises’ overloaded key applications. Featuring excellent performance, stability, reliability, and convergent efficiency, the new system can improve database performance twentyfold while ensuring service sustainability.

Lastly, Huawei officially launched its first Enterprise Solution Partner Program. Leveraging Huawei’s leading ICT infrastructure, the new program will offer powerful support to companies that jointly develop solutions with Huawei to serve global customers. Huawei Enterprise Business Group (BG) will provide its partners in the program with open API, global expert support and lab resources. The program will also support the introduction of new, high-value solutions to the market; help to achieve business success for the partners it works with. This program is the latest example of Huawei Enterprise BG’s commitment to building business-driven ICT infrastructure (BDII).

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