The Huawei honor 8 is coming to Middle East – Beauty, craftsmanship and dual rear camera

Chris Sun Baigong
Chris Sun Baigong

KUWAIT: honor, the world’s No 1 smartphone e-brand from Huawei, has announced it is preparing for the launch of its new flagship device: Huawei honor 8. A smartphone that embraces the unique combination of premium technology and unparalleled aesthetics. The much anticipated honor 8 is coming to the Middle East on 1st September 2016, available for pre-order from 25th August on

Hot on the heels of its global launch in China, as well as its US debut today, honor’s latest release has received a raft of impressive reviews from users, particularly praising the exquisite craftsmanship and design, as well as the world class dual camera features.

Cultivating a profound design philosophy, honor has created a stunning device for trail-blazing users always on the hunt for something different. Its two-sided 2.5-D glass body, 3D grate design and 15-layer craftsmanship on the back of the handset, reflects light beautifully, creating a true style statement.

Chris Sun Baigong, VP of Huawei honor Middle East CBG commented, “By listening to our end-users and paying attention to the smallest details, we have taken the holistic approach and created something truly distinctive. honor 8 has a design that is beautifully stylish coupled with excellent usability, an essential aspect that contributes to its outstanding day-to-day user experience.”

George Zhao, president of Huawei honor, said, “After three years of developing the brand worldwide, honor has matured and gained acknowledgement for focusing on our end-users and product quality first and foremost over revenue, which are the strategic winning points for the brand. The latest launch of our flagship honor 8 reflects this approach, and we are confident in its success with our end-users, as well as our growth as a brand this year – so stay tuned.”

With an impressive 100 percent year-on-year growth globally, honor shows no signs of slowing down, particularly in the Middle East where the brand has experienced unprecedented growth to date. Chris Sun Baigong, VP of honor, envisages that the Middle East market will remain stable, but the brand is poised for further growth as its approach is wholly user-centric to meet user demand.

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