Police investigate human trafficking, forced labor and forced prostitution in Kuwait; Child molester caught

Kuwait: Criminal detectives are investigating a case involving an African woman believed to have a victim of human trafficking, forced labor and forced prostitution in Kuwait. According to investigations, the woman, 22, paid $2,500 to people in her country who promised that they can help her come to Kuwait to finish her higher education. When she arrived in Kuwait, a man took her to his house where she was forced to work as a domestic helper. She spent a number of days at the house – during which she was subjected to attempted rape by the homeowner, according to her statements – before she was taken by another employer; an African man who took her to an apartment. The woman then refused to work, at which point her new employer told her that he ‘bought’ her for KD 20 so that she could work for him as a prostitute. Faced with this reality, the woman was able to escape and seek help at her country’s embassy. A complaint was lodged with local police, and investigations revealed that a Gulf national had paid KD 400 to a man who ran an unlicensed domestic help office; and who coordinated with the person who recruited the girl from her home country in order to bring her to Kuwait. Detectives were able to arrest the African national who confessed to taking the girl to his Fahaheel apartment, and asked for $2,000 to return her passport.

Child molester caught
An Egyptian man was arrested in Farwaniya for molesting children. His arrest came after he was identified as the prime suspect in multiple child harassment cases reported recently in several Farwaniya police stations. The man confessed to the charges and was sent to the relevant authorities for questioning. – Translated from the Arabic press

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