Husband prevented from beating his wife in a cafe

KUWAIT: Patrons of a cafe prevented a man from beating his wife after he found her with her friend. So he threatened her before leaving the place. She then lodged a complaint against him. The man wanted to speak to the woman about the custody of their daughter, but she ignored him, and told him to call her lawyer. He did not like this and insulted her, before attempting to beat her, but patrons restrained him. He will be summoned for questioning.

A Lebanese man told police that a citizen beat him and robbed him of KD 5,500 at a car rental office. Maidan Hawally police considered the incident a misdemeanor case of exchanging blows and insults and theft. Separately, a 27-year-old citizen told Hawally police he was beaten and his lower jaw was broken on the right side. He gave police information of the man who beat him. In other case, a citizen told Nugra police she was beaten by a man she does not know, who broke her nose. She said the man punched her like a boxer. – Translated from the Arabic press

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