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Hussainiyas ‘safe’

KUWAIT: KFSD’s prevention teams recently toured various local hussainiyas to check safety and security measures taken before prior to the start of Muharram. The teams also trained hussainiya’ staffs on firefighting and evacuation measures in case of fire. A hussainiya is a congregation hall where Shiites meet to commemorate the first 10 days of the month of Muharram. There are dozens of hussainiyas in Kuwait and the Interior will take extra precautions during the first 10 days of Muharram to ensure their safety and security. Last year, following the suicide bombing on the Imam Al Sadiq mosque in Kuwait City, the Interior Ministry announced that it would not allow any gatherings outdoors near hussainiyas as part of tighter security measures.

Absconding maids caught
Residency detectives recently arrested four absconding housemaids working in a Hawally café. They were all arrested and will be referred to the appropriate authorities to face legal action and eventual deportation.

Forgers arrested
Farwaniya residency detectives arrested two Asians for forgery when it was discovered they both held fake residency visas. The men paid a ‘sponsor’ KD 1,500 each for the illicit iqamas. Both suspects were referred to relevant authorities and the ‘sponsor’ has been summoned for questioning.

Stolen medicines scam
An Asian working for a cleaning company was recently arrested for selling stolen MoH medicines, said security sources.

Fire in home
A fire broke out yesterday in a house in Saad Al-Abdullah are, said security sources noting that on rushing to the scene, firemen found out that the fire started when short circuit took place in an A/C in a kids room. No casualties were reported.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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