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Ibn Sina Hospital hosts int’l pediatric neurosurgery anesthesia specialist

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Anesthesiologist and Head of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Department at Ibn Sina Hospital Dr Hanan Al-Harby said the hospital seeks to add to its staff’s experiences and become acquainted with the latest technologies, in order to give safe anesthesia during pediatric neurosurgery, which can be done by hosting international doctors.

Dr Harby was speaking on the sidelines of workshops and lectures organized in coordination with Anesthesia and Intensive Care Departments Council, and featuring Dr Michael Marzouq, Head of the Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Orlando, Florida, who is also an associate professor at Central Florida University. Dr Marzouq prepared cases of highly sensitive and critical neurosurgeries, which were selected in cooperation with the Neurosurgery department at Ibn Sina Hospital, Dr Harby said, adding that there are certain protocols to safeguard patients and avoid expected anesthesia risks according to international standards.

Dr Marzouq’s visit is the first by a pediatric anesthesia doctor to the hospital, and will last four days during which there will be lectures and workshops in Ibn Sina hospital, she added. Furthermore, she explained that the workshops will deal with “local anesthesia,” noting that there will be coordination with the council to organize a lecture for anesthesia departments in government and private sectors to see the latest developments and recommendations in the field of anesthesia in pediatric surgeries.

Dr Harby said anesthesia specialists at Ibn Sina specialized hospital are highly experienced and professional, as the hospital provides anesthesia service for all specialized delicate surgeries such as operations performed on infant, including those whose weight may be as low as 500 grams. It also serves neurosurgery patients as well as burn, plastic, eye and organ transplant patients. Dr Harby thanked the Health Ministry and Head of Anesthesia Department Council Dr Abdelrahman Al-Refae for his continued support in hosting international doctors to enhance the experience and knowledge of Kuwaiti and expat doctors.

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