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ICRC panel head hails Kuwaiti support

KUWAIT: The humanitarian initiatives taken by Kuwait to support the international humanitarian efforts have been praised by the head of the regional International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Mamadou Sow, after his meeting with the head of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) Dr Hilal Al-Sayer. “The initiatives taken by Kuwait are appreciated by all global organizations that care for humanitarian work, and especially by the ICRC,” Sow said in appreciation of the support by KRCS given to the ICRC’s committee in the GCC to alleviate pressures on refugees around the world.

“Kuwait is one of the most important supporters of the international red cross to help those in need around the globe, and the existing cooperation is fruitful to put forth effective humanitarian solutions to those who need it most,” Sow continued.

Meanwhile, Dr Sayer welcomed Sow and affirmed the society’s readiness for cooperation. “The cooperation between KRCS and ICRC locally and internationally is something to admire, as the regional committee is a prolific and effective partner in upgrading humanitarian cooperation,” Sayer said in appreciation of the partnership. Sayer also noted that the help of state and international institutions played a vital role in its cooperation with the society, which provides experienced support under its own supervision.

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