Inauspicious Predictions

With the advent of the new year, many websites such as Bloomberg and some books published pessimistic expectations about the most important events foreseen in 2017 politically and economically. I don’t see these predictions as prophecies, but good indicators of current events.

The public labeled these predictions as inauspicious, but I think these are normal expectations over what is going on now, especially with regards to terrorism and international policies. The predictions are really worth reading, because as per Bloomberg, these are based on the vision of what will happen when things get worse, which to me is logical and sensible.

For example, the new US policy will be convergent between Cuba and the United States, while the terrorist militia Islamic State will benefit from the situation to extend its influence and criminal activities into Afghanistan and all other countries of Central Asia. I believe these prophecies are normal, including the highly anticipated one that the new US policy would not be the same as that of the Obama administration.

According to Bloomberg, there is a possibility of the emergence of large protests in the United States, which will clearly mean an internal preoccupation with its own affairs.

So, terrorists around the world will be active in the absence of a firm international policy to combat terrorism in the Middle East and the world. According to report, Russia will make real gains. Some books were published in the Arab world that echoed Western expectations, including the increase in political chaos and calls to halt immigration, and even more countries voting to leave the European Union.

Some sites had some disturbing expectations for the Middle East, especially those related to oil and gas. Hence, I don’t see that reducing spending and austerity is needed in anticipation of a possible currency devaluation. Strengthening the political and economic union of the Gulf and security cautiousness internally in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are essential.

The countries that will survive are those that adopt diversifying sources of income away from oil. Some might say that fate and future are in Allah’s hand, but these expectations are based on reality and what is happening in the world today. It is not logical to expect a quick end to religious extremism and everyday killings in the name of religion and doctrine. I see these expectations as lessons for everyone to be cautious.

By Muna Al-Fuzai
[email protected]

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