Indecent act by a Saudi and a Filipina leads to Restaurant closure

KUWAIT: An indecent act by a Saudi and a Filipina led to the closure of a Kuwait City restaurant. The indecent act was discovered by the municipality’s emergency team during a campaign on cafés and restaurants to follow the warnings given lately. Orders were given according to the law to close the restaurant. The campaign aims at removing cabins in such places.

Roof collapse
Worshippers in a Salwa mosque were terrified when part of the mosque’s roof collapsed during dawn prayers. An eyewitness said that while worshippers were standing during the first rakaah of Fajr prayers, they were scared by the sound of the cave-in, prompting the imam to hasten the prayer and leave quickly, as no injuries were reported.

Search for swindler
A Ghanaian national accused a compatriot of swindling KD 850 from him after promising to renew his residency. The expat told Fintas police he agreed with his compatriot to help him renew his residency and asked him for the money, but nothing was done and the man disappeared. Detectives are investigating. – Al-Rai

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