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Indian ambassador addresses Indian community members

By K Jeeva Sagar
Indian Ambassador to Kuwait

My dear fellow Indian citizens and friends,
As India’s ambassador to Kuwait, a couple of weeks ago, I addressed you through a written communication on the embassy’s website, and also circulated by other print media. As things continued to evolve, I have felt I should address you again. I am aware that all of us have been going through difficult times. But difficult times are times to show courage, stay calm and resilient, and not to panic. In this effort, all of us in the Indian Embassy are with you; and I am confident that together we will fight through this, and will come out triumphant.

The most encouraging fact is that we are living in a very friendly country; Kuwait is known for its humanity and generosity. I would like to thank the Kuwaiti government for taking care of all its residents during these troubled times, including the large Indian community. The government and the health authorities of Kuwait have taken commendable steps to control the spread of the virus. I must compliment all of you for already complying with various guidelines. I once again call upon you to continue to stand by the Kuwaiti authorities in implementing the curfew, staying at home, and reporting any suspected cases immediately.

I am also aware that there is considerable need for food or groceries etc among many members of the community who may have lost their jobs and have no savings. I am grateful to various Indian associations and several community members as well as volunteers, who have either already been reaching out to the needy, or have come forward to help.

Helpline numbers have been displayed on the embassy website. Please contact us or your nearest volunteer, so that the embassy can ensure that help reaches you. Please also allow me to convey sincere appreciation to the Indian Doctors Forum and other individual Indian doctors who have voluntarily been providing medical advice and counseling. You can approach them on the contacts provided, or through the embassy, or an Indian association.

And finally dear friends, the embassy is well aware that thousands of you are keen to return to India – there are beneficiaries of amnesty, workers who have lost their jobs, those on visit visas and others needing urgent medical consultation and treatment back in India. Please be assured that the embassy is actively working both with the Kuwaiti government and the government of India on this matter.

The Indian government is sparing no effort to ensure that the process of repatriation is smooth and happens at the right time. It is in the interest of all of us. I urge you for your understanding, patience and calm assurance. Your health, your safety as well as your families’ safety, is of our utmost priority and concern.
Thank you and may God bless you.

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