Indian detained for performing surgery, illegal abortions

KUWAIT: A 42-year-old Indian was charged and sent to the public prosecution for practicing medicine without a license and stealing drugs. The Indian and four of his partners were arrested inside a grocery store which he was using to carry out surgeries and abortions in exchange for money, most of which came from residency violators. Investigations revealed the medicines he was using were stolen from government health centers. These thefts were carried out by another Asian, who was also arrested.

Car accidents
A drunk man caused a three-vehicle accident in Sulaibiya, and was arrested despite fierce resistance. He is currently facing legal action. Elsewhere, a traffic accident on Sixth Ring Road injured an Asian and burned two vehicles. Traffic came to a standstill before firemen managed to put out the blaze. The accident took place near Sulaibiya farms.

Drug dealer confesses
A police source said an Iraqi expat who charged with bringing 42 kg of hashish and 400,000 illicit tablets across the Iraqi-Kuwait border confessed to bringing in two drug shipments before. He also provided four mobile numbers, said to be of drug traders, who are currently being investigated. The Iraqi has a valid residency permit and is said to be a major supplier of drugs in Jahra governorate.

Running over police
An elderly bedoon was detained at Shuwaikh Industrial police station after attempting to run over a traffic policeman. He tried to escape, but was later arrested. He has not provided any reasons for his actions. Police noticed the suspect was driving the wrong way and he was stopped. Then while the policeman was attempting to explain to him the violation he had committed, the bedoon insulted him verbally and attempted to run him over. -Al-Rai/Al-Anbaa

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