Indian driver arrested for leading mutiny

KUWAIT: An Indian driver became enraged and refused to carry out his duties, and asked those who work with him to disobey their sponsor. The sponsor took him to Sabahiya police station. Police were suspicious he may have consumed something illegal, but did not find anything. Police decided to send him to the forensics department over suspicions of being on drugs.

KD 70,000 stolen
A bedoon man was shocked when he discovered that KD 70,000 he had left in his car was missing along with an expensive watch. The bedoon was hysterical when he arrived at the police station, saying the window of his car was broken and the bag containing the money was stolen. Police are investigating.

Drunks fight
A fight broke out at dawn Tuesday in front of building, so residents called police. Officers arrived to the scene and controlled three citizens who were drunk, then took them to Maidan Hawally police station for further action.

Two young men entered a grocery store, attacked the grocer, stole a carton of cigarettes and some money and escaped. The Indian told Jahra police that one of them was carrying a stick and beat him, before stealing the cigarettes and money. Detectives are working on the case.

Drunk driver caught
An Indian man became nervous when he saw a police patrol, and ended up damaging eight cars in his botched escape attempt. He was found to be drunk, and had 130 locally-brewed liquor bottles with him. The patrol officers noticed a car being driven unsteadily, which hit another vehicle moments later. The suspect then attempted to escape and hit cars that were in his way. – Translated from the Arabic press

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