Indian husband catches his wife in bed with Bangladeshi lover

KUWAIT: A 31-year-old woman and her lover were taken to Salmiya police station and brought before the prosecutor, who charged them with adultery. A security source said an Indian man went home early to find his wife, also Indian, in bed with another man, so he called his neighbor to be a witness, then called police. He did not allow the woman and her lover, who is Bangladeshi, to wear clothes until police arrived. Both were allowed to wrap themselves with bed sheets and were taken to the police station.

Property damage
A pharmacist accused her Saudi ex-husband of damaging her car deliberately. A security source said the pharmacist, a citizen, told Qurain police that her ex-husband caused the damage and lodged a complaint, prompting police to launch an investigation.

Trio rob phone store
An Egyptian man told Maidan Hawally police that his brother who works in a mobile phone store was beaten up and robbed by three unidentified persons. A security source said the three asked for recharge cards, then when they got what they wanted, they attempted to escape, but the salesman resisted inside the store and outside when they were able to exit. A violent fight took place causing several fractures to his body, and he was rushed to Mubarak Hospital. Investigations are underway.

Officer injured
A non-commissioned officer at the weapons detectives department sustained several injuries, most notably a fracture in his back, after his car flipped over while on duty. A security source said the officer was about to arrest two suspects when the accident occurred. The two were arrested, and two unlicensed pistols, ammunition, knives and swords were found with them. – Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa

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